D, E, F Show Jumping at Forseya Club 18th, 19th 20th November 2010

Mohamed Khalifa - banderas

First of all Mohamed Khalifa competed with three horses; Niagara, Dama and Banderas. If any of you read the last newsletter then you would be enlightened about Niagara’s story, something that happened that was not a coincidence and was definitely meant to be. Throughout the weekend Mohamed handled Niagara’s ups and downs, along with her jumping extremely well at some points and then throwing herself over the fence in others. She is still a baby but she put herself in a very good light this weekend, clearing the enormous fences that were in the course and being brave over the very frightening ones.

Overall Mohamed was extremely pleased with the way that Niagara jumped this weekend. Dama also jumped well resulting in clears and fantastic jumps. Mohamed and Dama had one stop on the last day on the second part of a one strided double. Banderas was again a superstar this weekend pulling in a crowd whenever he entered the area. His bouncy sitting stride giving him the most enormous power that Mohamed does so well to keep under control. The weekend resulted in a clear and a pole down on the other two days, but overall excellent riding for an excellent horse.

Well done Mohamed, we can only try to understand how tough it is for you to ride three horses and look after the rest of us at the competition, coping with ups and downs, pressures and victories. All of us – and I mean all of us, could not be who we are today without your support, sound judgment and belief in all of us.

Jassin did exceptionally well this weekend and once again improved in leaps and bounds. On day one he did a usual panic of forgetting the course just before entering the arena but of course once in, it all came flooding back. One of Jassins courses lead to a pole down and the last day lead to a refusal but Yessein completed the whole course on all the days and rode with a real determination. To ride positively in your course is extremely important, just an attitude of being positive or negative can really separate the good riders from the bad. Jassin is grasping this notion bit by bit, gaining the confidence that he needs from Mohamed Khalifa. I would like to add that Jassin also cantered his courses and after each fence he calmed his horse, turned properly, put his horse in the middle and then was able to jump. He did his homework properly and this is why he had such a successful weekend.

I rode Redley this weekend in the E Class and was told that I rode a lot better than in Alexandria. Redley is not an easy horse to ride as once she sees the fence she tends to run and pull. A certain understanding and of course hold and release, hold and release is needed to calm her and thus see a good stride to the fence. On the first day I went clear, the 2nd day I had one pole down and on the last day which consisted of 14 fences and not a nice course, I went clear and was placed 1st.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mohamed for giving me the opportunity and the ability to ride well and compete. While jumping at home you were always patient and forgiving, at times I know I made you extremely angry by not concentrating and not doing as well as I could have done – I am sure some riders can empathies with me on this. You were patient and never ceased to give up when I made an error, even if it took some hours to alter and correct. You enabled me to achieve my goal and you never gave up on me, my 1st place is for you.