Stallion Equestrian Center


Dressage is one of the equestrian fields, quite literally is 'training'. In modern terms this is the training of horse and rider to move in harmony and balance, lightness and ease in all movements, which prepares the horse for any number of disciplines, from show jumping to western reining.

The dressage horse is also being trained to move with free and regular paces, impulsion with engagement of the hindquarters and lightening of the forehand, acceptance of the bridle without tension or resistance, so there is submission throughout the body. This field needs a lot of training and patience as it is a very delicate and considered as a specific field.

Each and every movement of the horse and rider should be counted very carefully. You learn the different paces of the horse, how to move and control your horse without effort. Your horse should be obedient and perform each and every command very smoothly. It is like playing an instrument and hearing a lovely song.

That's why in "Stallion Equestrian Center" we maintain having professional trainers & well trained horses to be able to reach the best results and make our riders really enjoy and benefit from every minute of the lessons.