Stallion Equestrian Center


At "Stallion Equestrian Center" we maintain to teach our riders this art by implementing a high standard of training referring to a curriculum that we choose carefully from many international professional references.

Jumping is easy to understand. The challenge is simple and straightforward, it just needs concentration and exact implementation of the instructors commands to jump with no penalties.

Although jumping is easy for the rider to understand it is a very hard work for the instructor. The instructor has to be very professional and precise to choose the right time for the right exercise to the right horse and the right rider taking into consideration that any mistake equals a bad day and might lead to a big problem.

This section of the Equestrian field is really very exciting, full of tricks and high techniques. What a great feeling to be with your horse as one piece flying in the air to jump the fence with a great challenge to win. Each and every time going through a new experience with different techniques. Rider's hard work , training and obedience will definitely lead to reach amazing results with exciting experience.